To deliver fast, quality service through the application of sound professionalism, adequate research, innovative drive and safe work practice.

Our Services

We offer dynamic services in diverse sectors of entrepreneurship. Below are what we offer; you can contact us for more of the services we offer

Feasibility Studies of Capital Projects

  • Budgetary Planning for annual, rolling, medium and perspective development plans

  • Capital investment policy advice

  • Advice on financial plans and procurements
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Cash flow forecasts and analysis

  • Profitability studies and sensitivity analysis

  • Value analysis and management and cost benefit studies

  • Life cycle studies and cost-in-use
  • Time effect on costs and profitability
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Cost Modelling

  • Cost estimates and budgeting
  • Cost planning, monitoring and control to ensure that client’s Budget is not exceeded
  • Cost studies and research of construction resources
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Contract Documentation and Procurement

  • Procurement: tendering procedures and contractual arrangements.
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities and other documents for
    Obtaining tenders for the purpose of contract administration.
  • Tender evaluation, analysis and reporting.
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Contract Administration and Management

  • Preparation of Interim Valuation
  • Adjustment and measurement of changes in scope of works
  • Management of cost implications of contractual issues
  • Cost control – preparing financial statements, cash flow and final accounts.
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Monitoring of Capital Projects

  • Programme Management
  •  Project Auditing
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Developments
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Direct Labour Projects

  • Preparation of Labour and material schedules to determine the quantity of labour and materials required on a particular project
  •  Supervision of actual purchasing of the materials, using the appropriate inventory modelling techniques.
  • Cost control during the construction process by ensuring
    Adherence to programme and plans – Time Management
  • Co-ordinating and simulating the different activities involved in a direct labour approach to construction contracts.
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  • Sitting as an arbitrator or an umpire
     Preparation of proof of evidence
    Preparation of award.
  • Preparing schedules of conditions
  • Preparing, measuring and pricing schedules of dilapidation
  • Negotiation and settlement of landlord or tenant
  •  Expert evidence in cases of disputes.

Goal Achievements is our Target

Part of our aims is to provide integrated construction and consultancy services for Building and Civil Engineering Projects. The company is duly registered under the relevant laws in Nigeria

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